Saturday, March 26, 2011


An interesting word that - submission - it means to hand over your work to a complete stranger and see if they like it, and it means something else entirely. I've never been known to submit to anyone and yet here I am, submitting away - to agents at least.

The query letter is as good as I can make it and I'm sending it out via email to a list of agents I've put together who I think want to see this kind of writing. Figuring out that list is a fairly large undertaking, but if you get one or two wrong all they'll do is say no. That's my philosophy now – they can only say no, and maybe just one of them will say yes.

And now the waiting begins. Dealing with the inevitable rejections will be next. If talent and luck come together and persistence really does pay off – by the end of this journey I’ll have an agent and then I’ll have a publisher. The goals are set. Off we go.

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