Friday, May 21, 2010

It's good to be writing again. Sometimes I think about giving it up, but then some idea or other will come and it's all I can do to wait to get to a place and time to write it all down, filling up the clean white space of a page, or the computer screen. Sometimes I still do write long hand in any old spiral notebook I can get my hands on if a computer isn't available. Technology is great, but it doesn't travel too well to the places I like to go, like the beach, for instance. Have you ever tried taking a laptop to the beach? Sand and sea salted air don't mix too well with electronic equipment! Pen and paper you can drop and not worry about, pick it up and brush it off. Not so with a laptop, ipad, kindle or anything electronic you might want to risk.

I'm handling the job/writing dichotomy a little better now, getting something of a schedule down. I'm still more likely to write at night than I am in the morning, though lately I've forced myself to do it. I'm just not awake enough in the morning. Of course I've not been awake enough at night either. There's got to be a happy medium. I wonder when others are at their most creative - morning, noon, or night? I don't like writing in the morning but I seem to do a better job of it then than at night when I'm tired from the day.

Wouldn't life be grand to get a job writing? Oh yes, yes it would. I'm not talking about being published though that would of course be the best of any world, but having a 'real' job that involved writing on a daily basis. Wish I knew how to get one of those, lemme tell ya.

Off to finish up a chapter....

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